Sunday, 21 August 2011

ohh look what i have to show you....

Like expected parents we have been waiting patiently for our new arrivals, and today is the day that one has showed its cute little face, want to see.............

Well here it is.......

First we had a crack..., then a few hours later we had..

this, a mean i know prehaps it doesnt look so pretty yet but just wait and see it when it eventually fluffs up...
Ive been so excited all morning at work since we noticed the crack at 6.30am. Must admit though its been worth the wait...
Cameron has had double the joys as it is also his 11th birthday. So as well as his presents he also has a baby chick too. All we have to do now is think of a name but i think this will have to wait until we see its character abit and what colour etc it is... so for now iam going to leave you until i have some more pics....


  1. Aaarr! how cute. What a fantastic thing to happen on a birthday. They can both have a joint birthday party now :) xx

  2. OMG-how exciting!!! Cute!!
    Happy Birthday to Cameron- a lovely birthday present for him:)

  3. aaawwww how exciting thank you for sharring those photo's there wonderful ;-)) Can't wait to see it all fluffy to. Happy birthday to Cameron, dee xx

  4. What a great birthday present :)

  5. I hope some of the cute chicks survived. How fab that they arrived on Camerons BD!

  6. How exciting! It will be really cute once it's all fluffed up! :) x