Friday, 26 August 2011

can i borrow some thoughts?

If it is possible i  would like to have some of your thoughts.
Tommorrow is the day that i have a stall to sell hopefully some pieces that i have made.
I have to say sorry as i have already set up the stall and i have forgotten to take some pics for you to see, but i will take some tommorrow.
So back to your thoughts, while i was setting things up i realised that this event isnt going to be as big as an affair as i first thought, i  mean i thought more people were going to be having stalls but it seems like it is just the local church that have organised a few local people to make things eg jams, patchwork items, toys, books etc.  Anyway while i was having a quick look, i noticed that some of the patchwork items were priced. There was a bag at £7.50, quite large pin cushions for £2.00 and some patchwork cushions for £6.00.
Now i know there has been alot of you that has had trouble pricing your items when you come to sell them. I had already sorted out a price list, but then my mother in law spoke to me ( she is one of the church ladies) as she wanted to ask what prices i was thinking of putting onto my things, when i told her she mentioned that i shouldnt price my items too high. I replyed that fair enough i realise that prehaps some of the people that wil be going will not expect to pay a higher price than what they are used to but if i didnt sell my things that i would keep hold of them and try on a stall near to xmas, prehaps at the primary school..
Now after this discussion i started to feel like that i have priced things too high, but i have been looking around in shops etc and i dont think that im too far off,

examples my cushions i was going to sell for £10.00 with the inner of £7.50 without,
                  my rabbits i was thinking of £5.50, doorstops £8.00 with rice inside,
                   pin cushions £2.00, lavender bags small 50p med £1.00 and Larger £2.50
                 you get the idea.......
so do you think they are too high are do i hold my ground and if i dont sell much then to try again at xmas, please  i would like your thoughts. You know i felt abit like i was letting the ladies down because i have priced differently. I wondered whether it is because they are out of sinc and not relating to what the prices are now, or whether prehaps they want to keep the prices low so they can get some funds. Dont get me wrong they are lovely people and the last thing i want to do is to put anyones nose out of joint.

So please do try and help me tonight.....i would value your imput.... THANKYOU.....


  1. i think u could lower it a little ut its up to u realy hope it goes well xx

  2. I really don't think they are too high, considering how much work goes into them. And none of your items are over £10, so I think that is fair enough!Unfortunately, I think it depends where you sell things. People at school fairs etc don't seem to expect to pay as much for items as you would at a designated craft fair. If you are paying a set price for your stall, you are already contributing to the funds, so don't feel you are letting them down.
    Good luck- I hope it goes well!!

  3. I agree with Dotty's comment. There is so much work that goes into handmade items, and everything is £10 or under, pretty reasonable i would say. Probably you'll sell the lower priced items and not so many of the cushions etc. But they'll be perfect for Christmas time as gifts. Good luck and enjoy!

  4. Your prices are not too high at all. On the contrary. Think of the time and materials involved. Also, think about the times you have been to a craft fair - if you see something you really love, you buy it surely? A pound here or there doesn't put people off. It really bugs me how we undersell items we've handmade. Don't worry, I am as guilty as anyone!

    Hold your head up high and stick to your guns girl. Better to sell one or two things at a fair price than all of it at a loss. :-)


  5. I would keep your prices as they are and maybe lower the a bit if you want. I would personally prefer to take things home rather than undersell them and then try folksy or ebay to sell them at a later date. x

  6. Keep your prices as they are, if anything I think they are too low! I always think that on the day you can suss it out and see what sells and what doesn't. You can always lower a price as the day goes on but you can't raise the price all of a sudden if it too low. I've made the mistake of pricing too low before now and then watched everyone walking a way with a massive bargain.

    Hope it all goes well x