Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Flo, our new little friend..

Well if you dont know from my last post, we have a new friend 'Flo the chick'.
Mabel has been such a good mummy, tucking her under making sure she's warm enough.
Flo has now started eating chick crumb and she's walking around the hen house so sweetly exploring everything.
Now last time i showed you all a picture Flo wasnt really looking her best, looking abit like she had just got out of bed. Her feathers were still alittle damp and she wasnt really on her feet, so now i have some more pictures to show you....

Flo still with her bed feathers...

fluffy flo....

Flo having a cuddle..

Bear and Flo..
Bear was so gentle when holding her, but look at her she is so sweet ...x
I do hope you have enjoyed looking at her....


  1. flo is turning out to be a lovely little chick x

  2. She is very sweet and Bear is being very gentle:)

  3. aahh Flo is adorable, isn't it a wonderful experience :-) x