Saturday, 27 August 2011

your thoughts part2

Your thoughts, thankyou. After much time thinking i took on board all  that you suggested, and i kept my prices as they were. You know i didnt sell much at all today but hey i  still have tommorrow and hopefully there will be more families as there will be a  treasure hunt, bbq, games etc so im keeping positive and hey if i dont sell much more then i will wait till xmas and sort a stall out then.

As promised though, i took some pictures so you could see what i was selling, so here they are.....

these are my cushions and my lovely 1950's style peg bag.

these are my lavender bags, cushions and pin cushions

my rabbits

selection of doors stops
needle cases

Well thats about it, so far i have sold 1 doorstop, 1 sheep, 1 purse and some lavender bags. Ohh and i must not forget a dozen of eggs from my girls.

I hope you liked what you saw, and we will see how it all goes tommorrow.....


  1. Hope tomorrow brings you lots of sales. i'm sure you did the right thing- you don't want to work to make things and then not make any money from it.
    your stall looks lovely

  2. Your stall looks very inviting :) Good luck for today. Mo

  3. WOW!! Your offerings look brilliant. I like the fabrics you've used. It all looks very proffessional and tempting. I'm sending you selling vibes, I hope they reach you :) xx