Tuesday, 16 August 2011

'coming of age me dear'

After having the last couple of weeks of appointments, yesterday we decided to take a break. We spent a lovely morning over at a National Trust property, Angelsey Abbey which is based near to Cambridge.
We havent been there for a few years now but i must say what a treat, everything has grown so much. Now i guess you are wondering why i prehaps choose the title coming of age me dear. Well because hubby cannot walk very far at all we decided to hire one of the Trusts  mobility scooters, which is all free of charge. Great news but we were limited to 2hrs which i must say really prehaps could of done with abit longer, but you know at least hubby could join me and the kids on a much needed break away from the house. Anyway i have took some pics, so why not let them show you around.

The house at Angelsey Abbey
The Winter Walk

The Water Mill

we saw this lovely family of swans altogether they had 7 signets with them which is fab because normally only a few survive...

Even the artists came out in force to work their brushes,  just maybe one day i can do this too, when i have the time....

Since we were last there, they have put in place a lovely woodland area where the kids can go and explore...

 and of course here is a picture of my hubby on his mobility scooter, he even had the respect from the older generation as we passed by. I suppose they were surprised to see a younger man riding one. 
A good day had by all, definatley a good release from our everyday routine...
Now all we have to do is wait till tommorrow as hubby has an appointment with the hospital consultant regarding his leg, hopefully everything will go ok.


  1. What a beautiful place and such wonderful photo's. I hope everything goes well for you husband and yourself fingers crossed, dee x

  2. I love love love that place! Great that Andrew could get out with you all in the fresh air, I bet he felt so much better after that. I must take the kiddies there very soon. x