Sunday, 30 January 2011

hope you all had a good weekend

i hope everyone has had a good weekend, mine i have to say has been slightly different.
Everything quiet usual, work which never really changes, food shop like wise never really changes and Saturday night well what can i say. My poor middle son Cameron suddenly woke up, just before i was going to bed. I heard some movement at the top of the stairs and i thought i had better check it out just in case it was Bear waking and walking. Just as i opened the door i knew straight away that someone had just been sick, oh nooooooooooooo! i quickly ran up the stairs to find Cameron, poor thing really wasnt feeling good, his colour in his face totally drained away. So downstairs we came, got him cleaned up and took him and his bowl back to bed, and me hoping that that was going to be it. Oh i was  so wrong all night my poor little baby was being sick, and all night i was there cleaning up after him. Come 6 o clock though my alarm rang out telling me to get up because i had work to go to. No rest for the kids either because i wake them at 6.30am because i have to drop them off at grannies (nains) who luckerly lives in the same village, befor i go to work again in the village. So as you can imagine come tonight im feeling pretty tired, and as for Cameron  well no school for tommorrow as he was sick again late this afternoon. School policy states that they cant be in school until 24hrs after their last sickness. Nevermind it happens and thankfully not all the time. But  i feel that this week is going to be a week i will be pleased to get over as hubby has got psyio tommorrow, and a hospital appointment on wednesday, hopefully we will find out what they are going to do next with his leg, whether it has mended ok or if he needs another op etc its quiet scarey really, especially if it hasnt mended to plan, but we will just have to wait a couple more days, cant believe its been 3 months on the 1st of Febuary.
Well prehaps it could be another chocolate brownie week x
Before i go today, i would just like to say hello to all my new followers, i know that i have only 26 of you, but i do appreciate all of you reading and leaving comments on my blog x

                                                             THANKYOU X X


  1. I hope Cameron's feeling better now. It's awful when the littlies are so poorly. Hope your hubby's appointments go well this week.

  2. They never tell you when you sign up for this parenthood thing that it is a 24 hr job do they!!

    Good luck with the sick and the leg.


  3. Oh dear another hectic few days for you...hope your son gets better soon and all goes well with your hubby


  4. Oh no, poor you and little bear. Pearl's been quite poorly all week and was really sick last weekend- turned out to be slapped cheek syndrome as the tell-tale red cheeks appeared towards the end of the week. Hope you have a more restful few days coming up x

  5. Aww bless him i hope cameron feels better soon its horrible when there poorly. And i am keeping my fingers that its all good news for you and your husband. Keep smiling, hugs x

  6. :-( sorry you had a terrible weekend and poor Cameron, hope he feels better tomorrow. Ooh I will cheer you up on Friday if you come to Little Lambs,my work mate has taught me to do the crochet chain :-) You can get a hook from the shop in Burwell that sells wool next to the coop, they are cheaper than in Ely. Get a 2.5 or 3 mm one though as mine was too chuncky :-) I think yr 6 have assembly so I may have to go to that first - oohh how dare the school get in the way of my craft persuits :-) Take care. xxx