Friday, 4 February 2011

what a week

Well as you might of guessed by the title, it has been a tiring week.
The kids are no longer sick but Bear still hasnt really got his full appetite back, but im sure that wont take long to return..
The main things that have happened this week is to my hubby.
Monday came a long and it was pysio day. In all they really couldnt do much due to having the cast still in place, so we really wondered why we went, but at least hubby got to be outside for a while, seeing the sunset and having the wind blow round him even if it was abit of a cold day.
Wednesday was the big day, the day that we had both been waiting for. D day i suppose to find out what happens next. 6 weeks since the last appointment and 3 months since the accident happened. Gosh its been a long few months. But 1.30pm came and we went in to have a x-ray then went back to get the results. Well what can i say the results were not what we were really expecting back. The plaster room sort of went  suddenly quiet as the surgeon spoke to us. The bottom brake had pretty much mended as well as they hoped it would so that was great, BUT the top break was a different story. Sadly the top break hasnt mended at all even after 12 weeks, and the surgeon told us it has really gone back to day 1. Oh s**t that is not what we wanted to hear.
 Now we have to think of what to do next he said, what are the options, well
1 is to prehaps do a bone graft, where they would take a slice of bone from his hip and add it to his leg.
2 to inject this special solution that they get from COWS, yes cows apparently it helps mends bones in someway, they put this magical solution on his bottom break and that worked, but they never put it on the top break, why they didnt i dont know.
3 is to prehaps plate the break at the top but the only problem with that is, they still dont know if the bone will mend even if they did this and the plate would then have to support the whole leg, and the fact that the surgeon really doesnt want to do another op if he doesnt need to.
4 and this being the very last restort, and that if nothing else works, than amputation will still need to be looked at.
So as you can imagine things have turned rather serious and now we are both rather scared about what is going to happen in the future. What ever happens its still going to be a very long time before things start to mend. I cant believe its all gone back to day 1 again. How much can we all handle? What began with an accidently fall over a small fence has turned into a nightmare. This year is going to be a very very hard, stressful, and emotional year.
So this next bit is to Zoe at Scented Sweetpeas THANKYOU  for being a good friend, and for inviting me  out today to Little Lambs, where i got a little bit emotional with you. It definatley pays to talk to someone away from family and just  get out of the house for a little while, a different enviroment, and just go and have abit of free time. Bear really enjoyed being out and meeting new friends, and me and some others friends just sat and chatted and pretended that we knew what we were doing with our hooks and wool. You all say that crocheting is so easy, but if you had sat there watching me and Zoe you might of come away thinking differently he he everytime i tried a granny square i kept losing the inner circle so i kept losing my place, nevermind everyone says its practice so we will just have to carry on and not give up.
Anyway i think thats enough for one night so i hope you all have a good weekend and i hope you all dont get blown away x  x x


  1. Oh...and I though I had a hard week! Your hubby, you and all your family are in my thoughts and prayers....take care...try and enjoy your weekend xxxxx

  2. I'm sure that definitely wasn't what you were expecting to hear after all this time. I know it's hard but try to look on the positive side, there's a few options to try before the last resort. It's good that you managed to get out of the house even for a little while yesterday, you still need some time for yourself even though you've got all this going on. Hope it won't be too long before you find out what they're going to do.

  3. O My goodness, i am so very sorry i really am to hear of your news. But please stay focused and stay positive hard at times to do i know, but being this way will give you both strengh. My thoughts are with you all. Im only an email away if you needed another sound board so to speak. Take lots of care, hugs Dee xxx

  4. thankyou everyone for your very kind words, you know its not just the crafty things that i enjoy about blogland but all the kindest that you all share too. Thankyou x

  5. I'm thinking of you all, and willing everything to be fine for you xx

  6. What horrid news for you. I wouldn't spend too much time think about the worst case scenario, doctors always do that to cover their own backs.

    Hang on in there. I do hope everything works out for you.


  7. aaah thank you Helen, you are more than welcome, that is what friends are for and I know you would be there for me if I needed you. I had a chat to Adi re Andrews leg and what has happened and he reminded me that the first two times he went to hospital after his break it hadn't knitted at all (16 weeks full cast not knitting, 13 weeks in another cast still not knitting. He then had a nail put it and was told to walk on it and that combination mended his leg.) I think the key is to add a little pressure on it every now and again (maybe once or twice a day) to get the circulation going in that area and fingers crossed that will do the trick. Very scary I know, Adi was petrified to put weight through his leg but I think that is what helped it.

    I hope you can make next week and pretend to do crochet with me :-) xxx

  8. Sending love and hugs to you and your family x

  9. Crochet, blogging & friendship must go a little way to keep you sane. Thinking of you, don't know what else I can say except what a bummer of a week AGAIN!!!

    Take care xx

  10. Hi I found you on Amy's blog. I hope things work out well soon.