Tuesday, 1 February 2011

little wonders

For all of you that read my last blog, thankyou for all your kind words cameron has now recovered and is back at school today, but last night just as i thought we were in the clear poor little Bear woke up at 12am  being sick. Poor little thing, considering its the first sickness with him he didnt freak out, he just sat there all calmly waiting for me to clean him up. 10 minutes later he was all tucked up back in a clean bed and lying back down and going back to sleep. Hopefully at the moment he hasnt been sick again, so prehaps its all a 24hr thing.
Anyway hubbys appointment a the phsyio department went ok, they cant really do much until he is out of his cast and the docs say he can start to put a little presure on etc so just have to wait until tommorrow.
While on the way to the hospital yesterday though i saw this amazing site, shame i didnt have my camera on me as there were hundreds no lie hundreds of swans in a field. Round near us the farmers are pulling up leeks and the swans just seem to love finishing off the ends they leave behind. In all the years that i have lived here i have never seen such a wonderful site.
The sun was setting in the sky which left a lovely red glow. It was a real treat for hubby as he hasnt been out side for 6 weeks. I can feel the spring coming, the mornings are becoming brighter earlier and the nights are staying brighter for longer. Snowdrops are budding and hopefully the weather man said the tempertures are set to return to normal by the end of the week. So bring it on let the spring come, i think we all need abit of  spring in our steps.

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  1. sorry about your other little chap, But great news about your hubby ;-)) The nights are getting lighter to last night the sky was a lovely shade of pink...spring is not far away ;-)) dee x