Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ohh look what ive done

Thankyou for all your lovely suggestions from my last blog. One of you asked where i got all the fabric from. Well my dears, in our village like many the ladies from the church hold a coffee morning every Tuesday morning, so this is where i sometimes go for a bargain. Low and behold this is where i have found the treasure of all the fabric, i thought it would be perfect way to start off my fabric collection anyway because i go to the same place on a Thursday for Beth guitars lessons and that my mother in law is one of these ladies that sets it all up on a Tuesday i popped in and retrieved it all then while Beth was practising, so yesterday when i went to the coffee morning to pay the £5.00 for the fabric the ladies then said no thats too much and they only took £3.00 for it all WOW!! i thought because im not joking some of the fabric had at least 4 to 8 meters on it BARGAIN!! how could i not get it all.
Well today while Bear was kipping i decided to have some fun on my sewing machine, and i made this..................

My sewing machine cover!!!
I know it prehaps doesnt look like much but for my first attempt im quiet pleased with it, although one of the corners isnt as neat as the other 3, but we learn as we go along.
It's funny one of you mentioned a laptop bag which also my hubby mentioned but i think i would need a bit of padding in it too so needs abit more detail before i start on that idea.
Cushions has also come to mind, and i would like to make some pj bottoms too, but i havent got any patterns so will see can it be that hard?
Anyway my sister is back at the end of feb as she lives in Devizes, and she is going to show my how to do a few things so i cant wait x x


  1. awww well done you that looks fab what a great idea ;-)) And wow what a bargin that all was. now you have the sewing bug there will be no stopping you ;-)) Its so rewarding to look at something you made dont you think ;-)) Can't wait to see what you make next, dee x

  2. What a bargain you had!!!!! And what an excellent result for your first go!!!! I am still a bit nervous on my sewing machine but you may have inspired me to bite the bullet and have a go!!! Once again, well done you!! xx

  3. That's a fab bargain bundle for £3.00!! You never know they might set the next lot aside for you.

    Love the machine cover - great idea, makes me think I should make one. My plastic white cover just does not cut the mustard now :0) Have fun with the big bundle xx

  4. You did a fab job of the machine cover !! You can use a few things to pad a laptop sleeve, even the thin plastic packaging sheets that sometimes come around electricals, makes them waterproof too :-) enjoy xx

  5. What a bargain, and what a fab first project. There'll be no stopping you now.

  6. The sewing machine cover looks great! Well done! Like supercutetilly says you can probably find things lying around the house that you could use for a laptop bag padding, even old scraps of fleece or scarfs or felted knitwear. Looking forward to seeing what you make next! :) x

  7. wow that is fantastic! If you are worried about that little corner pop a felt flower or vintage brooch on it :-) I have some bubble wrap you can probably use for a laptop case if you want :-)

  8. the fabric sounds like a bargain! The sewing machine covers lovely x