Tuesday, 1 February 2011

its back

just as i thought things were going Beth has just been sick, no school for her tommorrow. All i can say is please dont get to me or hubby, i really dont want me or him feeling or being sick. The house will fall to bits if im out of action....fingers crossed it stays away x


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. It's lovely to meet you.

    Re crocheting, my only advice really is to keep practising until it really does 'click'. I can't recommend Lucy's blog at www.attic24.typepad.com highly enough. I think her tutorials for the jam jar cover and flat circle were my very first makes. I kept doing them over and over again until I felt more competent! Do stick at it, it is sooooo worth it.

    I've had a lovely little poke through your blog/s. Fingers crossed the icky bug doesn't spread!

    Between you and me (silly really I know to be so secretive but I don't like to talk about it much), I have had clinical depression since I was 18. Two years on Citalopram has been the making of me, I've never felt so fabulously 'normal'. It's a strange old thing depression and, I imagine, very difficult for you to have to watch your hubby struggle. If ever you fancy a 'chat with a stranger', do feel free to email me on pinkmilk@btconnect.com.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Heather x

  2. :o((( - Hope everyone in the household are fighting fit and healthy soon...take care xxxx

  3. Fingers crossed that Beth gets well soon xx

  4. Hope Beth gets better soon and the illness disappears from your house! :) x

  5. It's terrible when illness spreads right the way through the house. I had Eleanor off school yesterday with a bad chest and cough. She won't usually stay off school so I know she must have felt bad. They've got a teacher training day today so it gives her an extra day to get better before she goes back. Hope Beth is feeling better today and that it's an end to it all in your house.