Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Chewy - my little whirlwind

My little whirlwind Chewy.

After the loss of my beloved Charlie cat, who we miss terribly. We decided that we would  add another addition to the household.
 Chewy is now our newest member of our family he is our little whirlwind. He is always on the move not unless he is sleeping, always trying to chase the other two cats around the house. He is there first thing in the morning to say hello, he runs rings around your feet to let me know that he would like his breakfast. The other two cats Carlsberg and Chester just sit and watch, they are like a pair of two wise cats watching the tiny tearaway.
Today though iam thinking of him as today is a BIG day. Today he is going to the vets to erm how can i put this politely, he is to have his nether regions tied get what iam trying to say. To my husband it makes his eyes water!!!
But never the less it has to be done so at 9.15am i said farewell till later. Poor little thing had no idea what was going to happen. Anyway at 2pm i phoned the vets and all went well and i could pick him up later.
4pm arrived and Chewy was back at home. Out he popped, out of his carrier still very tired and wobbley on his feet. So i left him to find a queit spot to rest.
A few hours later you would'nt think he had gone through what he had, as he was zooming around as normal.
Well done Chewy for being such a brave young pussycat.

Chewy  - my little whirlwind

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