Saturday, 23 October 2010

Good luck what good luck!!!!!!!!

i cannot believe my luck or not luck!!
i went into town today to get a new key cut for my new back door and guess what now the new key won't work, so i now have to go back next week and get that sorted too!
I have new gas meters being fitted on Tuesday and im just waiting for something to go wrong............
When will i start to get that good luck that people talk about.


  1. What rotten luck you've had. I hope everything goes ok on Tuesday for you.

  2. I know how much bad luck can one person get. Hopefully Tuesday will go ok, anyway half term this week so kids at home so they will keep me occupied, making cakes etc so bring it on!!

  3. Tuesday will be OK. When you find this ggod luck can you pass a bit of it my way. What I can't say in my blog just in case me daughter reads it as she is on a school trip to New York ((!!!!)) and I don't want her to worry, is Friday Lily was in the vets on a drip, and jasper and I were having to bottle feed the five pups. So....please can I share your good luck when you find it xx Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Colette x

  4. im sorry to hear that Lily is on a drip, hope its not too serious as little pups need their mummy. When my luck comes (trying to keep positive) i will definatley send you some. my fingers and toes are all crossed, hope she gets well very soon, and you and Jasper take care as well just because they are pets doesnt mean you dont get upset when they are ill, they are still part of a loving family. x x