Saturday, 23 October 2010

A morning with Bear

Today we had  a couple of visitors, or should i say workmen.
We were having our new doors fitted or one at least ( look at previous blog) and Bear thought this would be a great time to be creative.
As the men were trying to fit our new door Bear the ever so  helpful child went and got his tool box and was there with his screw driver and hammer and goggles being a workmen for the morning. The men had a bucket of cement which they used to put in a new step and Bear was there with their trowel putting the cement in the hole. He was having such a wonderful time chatting while he was working. When the men were screwing on the new frame he was there doing the same when they were hammering he was hammering when they stopped to have tea and biscuits then he stopped to have juice and biscuits. All in all you couldnt tear him away until all was completed. You could even say that he was the man in charge directing them in everything they did.
Afterwards he then found the new toy, the cat flap for a two year old there is nothing else much you would ask for....

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  1. Bless. We have a digger coming tomorrow so we can't go out with that entertainment in-house! Jacs x