Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cake day!!

Today as you might of guessed was cake day!
 Bear was full of joy when i said to him shall we make some cakes.
So off in the kitchen we went, Bear helped me get all the ingredients ready, then we made a start.
Cupcakes are a favourite in this house. Thought we could do the same as the pink ones that i have blogged about before but this time with blue buttercream topping. Yum Yum!!
After whisking together the butter and sugar, Bear helped me with counting and cracking open the eggs and adding to the mixture. But for Bear the best bit is to come, he couldnt resist when we had finished to get his spoon stuck in the bowl to help get it clean

Yum Yum!
 Even though it is lots of fun baking with your children, dont you hate it when they mess with the oven. I put the timer on, only to find out that Bear had played with all the knobs and switched my timer off. Luckly we were ok and no buns were hurt in the making of them he he!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, Helen. I've just read your previous posts and enjoyed them very much. How lovely that your husband is a warden at the nature reserve, it must be a wonderful place to take your children. It's years and years since I've had lemon curd but you've got my taste buds tingling now, I think I might buy a jar and see if I still like it before I attempt making any though. Poor old Chewy, I hope he's feeling better now after the dreaded deed. My puppy, Archie, is five months now so he's only a month away from the same thing, I'm dreading taking him for it doing. I've enjoyed my visit and will keep popping back to keep up with the goings on.

  2. oh thankyou Jo its so nice to have another viewer on here. Yes Chewy is fully back to normal, the morning after the deed i think he was getting his own back as he had a good scratch at everyone in the house, his way of saying 'how could you put me through that' i know you feel so guilty taking them there to get it done, but it has to be,so i do hope Archie goes through his ok.
    Thankyou once again for popping along and i hope to see you again x