Monday, 11 October 2010

home is where the heart is.

You know there are always things that prehaps we may want to change, but you know i look around my village which is situated in the fens and i think this place isnt really that bad. I'am surrounded by  countryside, i see lots of wildlife everyday. I have a nature reserve just down the road where i live where we see grass snakes, deers, toads, lizards etc. I have lots of historic places nearby like the cities of Ely and Cambridge. Yes i know its all flat here but its special in its own right.

The village also has some lovely sites................

The Church

Also we are also very lucky in the fact we have a Priory.......

The Priory

I think this building is a lovely building from the past, you can just imagine the monks sitting in there.
In one of my past blogs i have metioned the orchard which belonged to the old vicarage. This orchard  and its grounds are always being used for charity days and community events.....

Cream and Tea anyone?

The Orchard

As i said I live near the city of Ely. Ely has had its own spotlight from the film crews.
The film Elizabeth is one of few that was filmed here.

Its lovely just to sit and have a picnic and to enjoy the sunshine in the grounds of such a historic building.....

Ely Cathedral

Me and Bear...

Bear being just abit camera shy!

Thankyou for joining me on a little break in the country................


  1. Just popped over here from The Good Life. Your cakes look delicious - perhaps I need to have breakfast now they've given me such an appetite.

    Great shots of your local area. I've never visited your part of England, so would love to see more from time to time.

  2. Hi Linda thankyou for popping over yes the cakes were very delicous and as you can amagine with 3 kids and myself they didnt last 5 mins.
    Next time im out i will have to see if i can take some more pics for you to see our fens.