Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What a wonderful week we have all had. Lovely glorious sunshine!!
So what have i been up to, well not too much i guess doing lots inside ( which yes is a shame but things still need to be done). I did go down to the local village nature reserve. Had a lovely walk down there with the kids. We were very lucky as we saw something very special.... I have trained my kids to be quiet as not to spook the wild life and we came across this..

A beautiful grass snake, i was truly lucky to get this picture as they are so quick to hide. In total we saw 4 grass snakes, which is great for the reserve, mind you some people who dont like snakes might not be too impressed but hey like i said normally they are so quick alot of people who go down there hasnt even seen one!
We also travelled down to the Marina and saw these fine creatures.

i just love being in the middle of nowhere (nearly) where you can see lots of different things. Animals are so beautiful when you actually take time to look at them properly.
Also on our travels as we were down the marina, we saw lots of canal boats..

Such a lovely atmosphere down there, people sitting outside chatting having bbq's etc and theres just something about being by the river.
So have any of you had a lovely relaxing time in this fabulous weather, i would love to hear about it!
Well thats it for now so i will catch up with you all soon x x enjoy your night x


  1. hiya- thanks for your bluebell comment!

    When our cat was younger (and more agile) she used to catch and bring grass snakes home, in through the catflap and deposit them very gently and unharmed on the sitting room carpet.

    As you say, lucky if you've not seen one or unlucky if you don't like snakes!

    They "play dead" when threatened, so luckily stayed still long enough for me to pop the washing-up bowl on top of them, slide a newspaper underneath and take them back to the woods...and freedom...until next time!

    It took ages to figure out why she persisted in catching what can't be an easy prey, until I remembered that our older cat used to bring home worms and obviously she wanted to be bigger and better than him!

    Enjoy the weather

    1. blimey i havent heard of a cat bringing a snake home before. What a lovely read though, as it had a happy ending x

  2. Oh lucky you seeing a grass snake! I have seen adders squashed on the road around here and we have slow worms in the garden but I've never seen a grass snake. Sounds like you've been having a lovely time. Beth (the linen cat)x