Thursday, 16 February 2012

half term fun?

Well another half term is here and oh what fun we have not...
so far i have felt so full of cold that i really havent felt like doing much at all. My sinuses have been playing up so sleepless night, feeling blocked up All the time. My poor girl has got it too. you should of seen us. we both had nasal strips on our noses, flu capusules down our throats, even going to bed at silly times ( early i might add, not late). After so many days like this im hoping it will soon pass.  Everyone else seems ok so far.
Bear got a valentines card today from a very sweet friend. 1st valentines card at the age of 3 how sweet is that! Even my girl got a handmade card from one of the boys in her class..

I did manage though to take the eldest two to the cinema last night, its quite nice to spend time with the them away from Bear, they all need their own time with mum from time to time. I have also been doing abit of sewing with my not so little girl. Now 13 she's more like going on  18. We made a pin cushion out of felt and lovely it is too. i also have to get some fabric ready for her to take back to school as shes making a cushion cover, in the theme of 2012.
We have been doing lots of baking too. For Xmas the kids all got jars full of recipe's. Yummy.
1st one was chocolate chip chocolate muffins, very nice they were, even hubby had a couple and he can be very funny about cakes and biscuits.
And the one that we did this week was Gingerbread. I brought some lovely cutters at the weekend which were in the design of Dinosaurs ( bears favourite) and some very sweet , in tins of 3 hands and footprints.  So as you can imagine we had lots of fun cutting these all out.
They didnt last very long though, but hey the kids are always hungery.

So i wonder what you have all been up to over the holidays?,  i hope they were alittle better then mine..
I going now to catch up with you all as i have been away for some time and have missed you all.. see you all soon x x


  1. Sorry you are feeling poorly- hope you are all better soon! We began to tackle decorating the boy's bedroom yesterday. My 14yr old and 10 year old did a great job of painting the walls and the younger boy is itching to do some more today! I must be getting older- I am aching all over and exhausted today:s

  2. So sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly its not fair when its half term. Hope you both feel better real soon. Baking and sewing sounds like a great get well tonic to me. Take lots of care and have a lovely weekend, dee x

  3. You have been missed! Sorry to hear you have the lurgy. We had it all through Xmas and January, it was horrible, so hope you feel better soon!
    We baked as well, Rhubarb Tart! And very nice it was too!