Sunday, 6 May 2012

It's been a long time.

Hello, sorry its been such a long time but somehow time has ran away from me. I cant quite believe that my last post was at the end of March, i mean that's a whole month ago. I guess your all  wondering what i have been up to, well nothing too exciting. Its mainly been the kids, hubby and all his appointments and well me working.
I said it wasn't anything too exciting.
 Hubbys appointments have been stressful as the dept of work and pensions has told him that he has to attend interviews at the job centre to able him to go back to work. It's a joke really because he really is not ready to go back, physically and mentally but hey if he can push a wheelchair then that doesn't seem to be a problem? and mentally well i don't think they have listened to anything we said!!! at the medical. Dont get me wrong i understand what the goverment  are trying to do, you know getting all them lazy people back into work and stop them sponging, but instead all they are doing is  disrespecting the genuine ill people.
If my hubby could he would be out there working but he cant. Why does mental health have to be so invisable to people and yes i do mean the so called professionals too.

As you my of guessed me and hubby have been rather stressed with it all, prehaps this is why i haven't blogged lately. 
To make sure that i do get a little time out, i have had a little crafting,
i have made some bits and bobs...

this cute little phone case
and these

these cute little sun/glass cases
i really pleased how they have turned out.
I have them for sale on my new fb page, which is named bearsfootprints.
So pop by and say hello as i would love to see you there and then you can see some other makes x x
Anyway the computer is about to die on me so im afraid i must go and recharge ( the computer and myself)
So goodnight and farewell x x my lovely peeps x x x


  1. Replies
    1. I KNOW!!! bout time hey Mrs Sweetpea x x

  2. How horrible for you and your husband. I hope things improve for you. I'm glad you have been able to take some comfort in creative things. Take care. *hugs*

    1. oh thankyou, ive been taking my mind away with things through my crafts, other wise i would be a right mess x thanks for popping by x

  3. Sorry to read about your (and your husband's) troubles, it doesn't sound like life is treating you very nicely at the moment, I hope things improve soon. Cute cases :-) Beth (the linen cat)x

    1. thankyou beth, yes its been a hard year and a half, we just have to keep looking forward in the hope he will soon get better x