Sunday, 18 March 2012

new kid on the block!

Firstly i hope all you mum's had a good day, me well i was working this morning but this afternoon i got some lovely little presents from my 3 little bears. Chocolate a must and very yummuy, mind you didnt last too long shared between the 5 of us, a lovely little owl decoration and a mug too x oh and i musnt forget the lovely handmade cards they made with their dear little photo of their faces x  I LOVE my lovely gorgeous kids x x

Another thing that happened this weekend as some of you are already aware of, is Floyd. Floyd has now moved to the allotments with a new flock of girls and another cockeral called Hector!
It was so sad to see him go, i packed into a box and popped him into the car for the short ride to the allotments. You know we didnt hear one little peep from him as we walked him round the track pass the turkeys, ducks, chicken, cockeral, horse and finally to his destination of  margaret's plot. Margaret is the lovely lady who is going to be looking after him. She had sorted out a new little pen for him until he has settled in, then she is going to move onto fresh pastures in another pen next door. When he moves over, he wont be alone as some of the girls will be going with him. This is also because Hector is the father and she does'nt really want him fathering chicks from them.
So Floyd has settled in well and the kids can go up and see him whenever they want, which is a bonus, we might also have a spare key too so we can even go into the pen and see him properly.  Anyway here are a few pics of him moving in.....

As you can see Hector and the girls are wondering who their new visitor is x
Also Floyd is definatley much bigger then Hector so not quite sure how they will get on .

And here is 2 of my boys trying to feed the rest of the flock x
Anyway at least Floyd is settled now and im pretty sure he will be very happy x


  1. I think Floyd will be very happy in his new home and he'll have something to look forward to knowing that you can come and visit. x

  2. aahhh what great photo's it looks like it be one happy family ;-) But i agree Floyd is huge next to Hector. Lovely that you will all be able to still him. I hope your husband is recovering well. Take care, dee x

  3. Thanks so much for leaving me a comment .... and nice to meet you! Floyd is a handsome boy and I am sure he will father many a chick. I have just bought some new hens and can't wait to take delivery of them. We gave our lovely flock off last year, to cousins and friends as we were moving house and we have been missing them madly.