Tuesday, 26 October 2010

to buy or not to buy!!

Since Saturday morning i have been going over shall i buy this item or not, shall i buy or not. Well i guess you are all wondering what iam talking about.
Saturday morning i had to go and bank a cheque for my father in law and as you do i done a little window shopping, popped into a few charity shops to see if they had that something special, but no luck so i came away empty handed. But just at the last moment, literaly as it was the last shop in the arcade, i noticed something.
It wasnt really the little finds you find this one was a little bigger, this item was a piece of furniture. This is a  store where people donate their unwanted furniture  which then goes to  charity who then  sells items on as a profit. So all in all it is still a charity shop but one that sells bigger items!!
Well they had this piece that i thought would go well with a piece of furniture that my husband had handed down from his grandad ( which is a dresser so you know) so today i took my husband in to see this piece and he agreed, it would match. I know my husband would never part with his piece of furniture and nothing new really matches so its the case that we would have to find something similar rather then have the mis match furniture we have.
So after lots of  discussions  we decided  to get it. Hopefully this week we will have a new piece of old furniture to replace a pine coffee table (which was abit orange for our liking) which just in case you were wondering we are going to donate to this store to sell on.
Once i have a picture i will post on here for you all to see x x

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  1. I'm sure it's lovely. Old furniture was made to last.