Friday, 29 October 2010

to buy or not to but part 2

As you may be aware if you have been following my past few blogs, i have been wondering whether or not to get this piece of furniture i have had my eye on.
Well after much thinking of do i buy or dont i buy i decided YES!!
And as i promised i have a photo of my treasure.

I know that this isnt everybodies cup of tea but i just fell in love with it, i dont know why, it just jumped out at me and you know when you get that feeling you just have to to get it.
I bet every single one of you have brought something that you just fell in love with the first time you saw it, whether it is a piece of clothing, kitchenware, soft furnishings you get the idea.
Let me know what you have got when your eyes just couldnt tear you away from it!


  1. Ohh that is gorg lucky you no wonder you were excited ;-) Where will it go? I have many things in fact everything i have brought tells a story, I have nothing in my house that i don't like im on that vintage journey off collecting and replacing things of relationship past ;-) Enjoy your lovely new piece of furniture. Its really lovely Dee ;-)

  2. Oh thankyou Dee, i think it is going to replace another piece of furniture that i have downstairs that really doesnt match everything else that we have. And after abit of a move around with some other bits we have hopefully our home will start to feel abit more like home rather then just bits and bobs in a enclosed space. I totally agree as well about getting rid of things that dont have any meaning. You have to have a love for something for a home to be a home.

  3. i know how lovely is it im so pleased with it. I think it is going downstairs and it will replace another cabinet we have that really doesnt match anything else in this room, so now i just have to decide what im going to fill it with x

  4. Oh yes, definiately my cup of tea! Just yummy. Sometimes you just have to get stuff that you know will make you happy everytime you see it. And the fact that you really though hard about it, well I reckon that piece of furniture will lift your spirits every time you look at it! Jacs x