Friday, 29 October 2010

last of the summer

I can hear the wind blowing down the chimney the sky was looking grey,  winter is just round the corner, and next week it is November where has the year gone.
Well just before all of that i was pottering around my garden yesterday i thought i would like to share the last summering flowers as soon the colours will all be gone.

These are the last of our roses, we have are own little rose patch some of them have some lovely scents, my husband always says they smell of turkish delight!

Sea Holly

This year we brought some Sea Hollies, 3 different sorts, 1 sort flowered and has now dies back, 1 has'nt really done anything and this one has just started. I do love the spiky pods they have before the colour comes out.

 snap dragon

Snap Dragons i always remember these from my parents garden.  The way that you gently squeeze them open used to facinate me.

I do hope these flowers have brightened up your day!!.........



  1. You have a lovely garden by the looks of it. I love roses and there smell you just can't beat the vintage smelling ones. Such a lovely colourful post. Enjoy them Dee

  2. It's nice to see that you still have some colour in the garden. I love sea holly but I don't have any in my garden, I must remedy that.

  3. Yes im surprised in some way that we do still have some colour as we have had some cold days but im not complaining im going to enjoy them while are still here.

  4. Just needed a bit of brightness and colour today ... Thanks!