Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Autumn Days

Autumn days dont you love them. The wind blowing, the colour of the trees, leaves rustling the list goes on.

Today me and my husband took a walk up to the woods that he wardens, and i thought i would share with all you lovely bloggers the photos that i took.


Dont you agree the leaves are just so fantastic at this time of year!!

You know today it has been so sunny and bright (forgive me if you have had rain today, but hopefully this will brighten up your day)
Although it has been sunny there was a couple of my photos that somehow look quiet grey in colour but i still like them, the colour just makes them more interesting to look at.

Tell me what you think!

I do hope you enjoyed my little blog today of my Autumn gallery of cheer!!!!!

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  1. I'm really enjoying going for walks in the woods at the moment, all the wonderful colours and crunchy leaves underfoot. I love the sixth photo, very atmospheric.