Sunday, 8 May 2011

scotch eggs tutorial

hello, i hope you are all having a good weekend.

This post is for all of you who wonder on ' how you make scotch eggs '.
You know who you are......

things you will need are
  • 4 Eggs
  • Sausage meat ( i get mine from Tesco's which normally comes in a sealed packet)
  • flour
  • breadcrumbs
and a baking tray to put them on ( line with foil or brown paper)

Firstly pre heat your oven on about 180 c, mines fan assisted so if yours isnt then prehaps you might need to keep the eggs in for a little longer.

 Then you need to boil 3 eggs for about 4 minutes so they are hard boiled.
Once they are done i then take off the heat and empty the hot water and then replace the saucepan with cold water and then take the shells off. Once all the shells are off i then place in a bowl  until i need them.

yes i know i have four eggs here, sometimes you may be able to get away with doing 4. All depends how much meat you want on your eggs...

Before i get started i get out 3 bowls one to put some flour in, one for the 4th egg which is beaten and then one for those homemade breadcrumbs. I normally have a stock in the freezer as its so handy just to get out when you need them.
Also you need to get your baking try ready.

Next i open the pack of sausage meat and i cut it into 3/3 this should be enough to cover  the 3 eggs which you have boiled.
Get a sprinkle of flour and then try and flatten the meat so you can cover the egg in.
I tend to do this in my hand, so once flattened i put the egg in the meat and then gently cover the eggs making sure that all the egg is covered. Beware you might get abit sticky but you can always use a dash of flour.

One by one i pick up a egg and roll it around in the flour. Then straight into the egg, at this stage though the eggs will become quite slipppery so be careful that you dont put your fingers through the meat. Once covered in egg go straight to the breadcrumbs and carefully cover, by this stage it can become abit messy ( fingers that is, but i think thats part of making your own)
Once you have finished the last step place carefully onto a baking tray. Then do the other 2 eggs.

When all of them have been completed then place into the oven for about 25 mins, till they are cooked throughly. Dont worry if they have split open that usually happens.

Now the best bit enjoy while they are hot with abit of salad ( of with anything else you desire) and savour the moment, you will never buy a shop brought one again, trust me.

I do hope your scotch eggs turn out as yummy as mine, and ENJOY!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks very much for going to all the trouble of a tutorial :) I think these will have to go on the menu next week some time, yum x

  2. i was glad to show you, enjoy and let me know how it goes x

  3. Those look lovely but i am a vegetarian ;-))But its great to see what others make. Have a lovely week, dee x