Wednesday, 4 May 2011

bits and bobs

This post is going to be a bits and bobs post, trying to catch up with the goings on in my life.
Firstly i must say how pride iam of Bear, as it was his first day at preschool. He seemed to take it all in his stride no tears, no tantrums just such a sweet little boy. All the teachers have been waiting for him to start as then they can call him Bear as they think its just an adorable name. He came home after doing a lovely painting and he told us that he had been singing and dancing and of course playing with cars.

`Bear with one of the preschool leaders

Now i have been trying to think of things to make so i can sell them on a stall in August, as normally there is a flower festival at the church, but due to this not happening now the local church ladies have decided that people can hold stalls so they can sell their own items, abit of a crafty event.
Anyway one thing that i have made today is this.......

This is my little crochet cat. I must admit i have only made this with the help from a tutorial from marmaladerose, do go and visit here she makes the most wonderful things.
He does seem to be a rather posh looking cat, one tat should be wearing a top hat dont you think.

Also i have been trying to do oplique is it? im not sure i have done it right, what do you think...

In the garden we had a little visitor....

Mr Sparrow please meet everyone in blogging land..

Now i think i will leave you all with some pics of the garden... enjoy......

I hope you have enjoyed reading this..
Im now off to catch up all the rest of you.


  1. Well done Bear! Big day for all, Im sure hes going to love it. I love the cat im sure theyll sell like hot cakes!

  2. aaawww How exciting for little bear bless him i bet you felt a little lost without him. I love the little cat so cute well done you how long have you been doing crochet for?I am sure they will sell quick to. Enjoy your lovely garden, dee x

  3. My youngest started preschool this term too, i can't believe how quickly it has come round, i glad to hear your little bear enjoyed his first day.

  4. Love the cat. Glad Bear's first day went well x

  5. Awwww...glad Bears first day went well, scary stuff xx Oh by the way YES PLEASE to the scoth egg tutorial :)