Wednesday, 18 May 2011

im still here

Short and sweet,  im just wanting to let you all know that im still very much here, ive just been abit busy. Ive been trying to do abit more with my sewing machine, and even tried to make a piggy door stop, but alas it didnt turn out too good and im too ashamed to show you. Nevermind prehaps i was thinking i could run before i could walk.

Talking about sewing, i have trying to make some small items to sell on a stall in August, have any of you have any ideas what would be great but easy to do, as i seem to have abit of a brain freeze.

Anyway im going again now, so hopefully the next post wont be so far away.

Toodle pips my bloggy friends


  1. I was getting excited about a little pig but it wasn't there! don't be embarrased about making mistakes, we all do, it's how we learn :)

    What about fabric hearts or edging teatowels with lace/ribbon? keyrings, bag charms?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Good to hear your alright ;-) I am with Bee happy we all make mistakes even if you have been sewing for years but we do learn by it. How about little lavender filled cushions? Take care and have fun, dee x

  3. well iam doing some small lavender bags, talking about lavender does anyone know where i could get some dried where it doesnt cost the world?..

  4. I got my lovely French lavender off ebay at christmas i got loads for under £5.00. Type it in and see what comes up. dee x

  5. What about making some peg bags. All you'd need is some nice fabric and some hangers. Sal x

  6. yes i have some hangers just to do that and i have a lovely pattern to follow once i get in enlarged i will have to show you when i finally make one x thanks for all you great comments x