Sunday, 24 April 2011

easter, no you dont say...

Well i never, after coming home from work this afternoon and organising a little egg hunt you would never believe it was easter, just take a look...

so many chocolates what do we do...
You do have to take into count though that there are 3 kids in this house, and grannies friends also buy goodies for the children, as well as other family members so hence lots and lots of chocolate. We could have our own chocolate factory. At least Bear had fun trying to find some of them.

Anyway talking about eggs, i was really taken back with this one...

I mean look at the size of it, its enormous, it looks more like a goose egg, i mean i havent had one this size since last year when i first had my chickens laying. So something special had to be done, so i decided to make some lovely homemade scotch eggs.

They went down lovely with a little bit of salad, and as you might be able to tell that enormous egg was a double yolker,  very yummy definatley beets the shop brought ones any day.

Well what else have i been up to lately, well i made this little bird out of the wooly stripy jumper i blogged about recently....

Thankyou beth for holding it...
and also this....

a union jack cushion believe it or not it is made from 2 t - towels that i purchased from one of the big supermarkets. I think its fab, and i even filled it myself using polyester filling, rather than the pads you can buy, as this has made it  nice and firm. You know this sewing is great i keep thinking what else i can make now. More of the birds and definatley another cushion, this time one with a red backing as this one has a blue backing.
I even shared half of my jumper with scented sweetpeas so im looking forward into seeing what she will make with it. As soon as she saw the jumper, you could tell that she was eager to get her hands on it, which is fine as i am more than happy sharing my finds, and we tend to bounce ideas off each other too. In return though for half the jumper she gave me a red t - towel for the backing of my next cushion, see we all win....

Well next week returns normallity with the kids returing to school, and the house will return to a calmer state, as i must say it has been rather noisy this ast couple of weeks, dont get me wrong i love having the kids at home, but its also nice to have some quiet days x x x x x

Anyway enjoy your bank holiday monday and i will see you all soon.
ps dont eat all those easter eggs once the kids have gone to bed. he he x


  1. Ooooh I love a scotch egg and they're back in fashion apparently! Your looks delicious. Happy easter x

  2. aawww such a cute little bird well done you and recycling jumpers to ;-)) Love the cushion as well its such a great sense of satisfaction when you make something yourself. And WOW that is one huge egg great idea to make scotch eggs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

  3. Oh my goodness ~ what an enormous egg!! Your Scotch egg looks lovely, I've never made scotch eggs before, is it easy?
    Love your knitted birdy and teatowel cushion. I got myself a set of these from Mr T's the other year and can't bring myself to use them !

    Happy Easer
    Justine x

  4. Goodness that egg must have hurt to lay :-o

    oohh I do love my new stripy wooly half wooly jumper lol :-)

  5. love your makes and that egg is amazing x

  6. Wooooahhhh what an egg! Ouch! Love the 'jumper' birdy and have been contmeplating cutting ALL my felted jumpers(I have a lot) into squares just to get rid of thinks a few birds would be good too!

  7. Love the shape of your stripey jumper bird. So nice that you have someone to bounce ideas off, we all need that. Keep up the good work.