Saturday, 15 January 2011

oscars well almost a girl can dream!!

I feel like one lucky lady, this week i have been given 2, yes 2 awards. I mean how fab is that. I have to admit though one of these awards left a  little note. My dear friend at scented sweetpeas  nearly made me cry, she is just a lovely person that always put other people first and she always makes me laugh everytime we see each other. Mind we are so much alike in so many ways we other think the same, as they say two great minds do think alike.
As for emma bear forever, you must go and visit her as her blog is just a joy to read.
Anyway one thing that i have to do is to put 7 things on my blog that you prehaps dont know about me so here it goes.
  • 1.  one thing that is very close to my heart that iam willing to share with you all and that i dont really mention in my normal life away from blogland is that for a long time now my husband has suffered from a disabillitating illness called depression. It can be so hard for him  to get by every single day but he does and i have so much respect for him. He has lost alot of friends over the years which has been very hard on him. So one thing that we have decided to do is do another blog called The good the bad and the ugly, so we can both have a say on how depression affects our normal daily life.
  • 2.   i now have  a few more additions to the family which i havent mentioned yet, and these are 2 new little gerbils called toffee and fudge, and also two russian hamsters called britney and oh gosh ive forgotten the other ones name nevermind it will come back to me eventually, oh yes my daughter has just told me elenor. we were only going to get the gerbils but my daughter presuaded me to get the hamsters too. well what difference will two hamsters make.
  • 3.   When i was a little girl  i just loved to sit in the garden and make daisy chains. 
  • 4.   I also remember once stapling my thumb, which was very silly i know but i still nearly fainted as i had to pull it out myself as no one else was home at that time.
  • 5.   I have only ever been abroad once, but im not too bothered as i enjoy camping in the united kingdom. You know im sure but there is so many beautiful places to see and do here so why go abroad.... anyway i like to try and be as green as possible in so many different ways so this is my bit.
  • 6.  I have a very very sweet tooth,  savoury not bothered about give me a slice of chocolate cake any day.
  • 7.   Back in 2008 we had a film crew come to our village, to film a film called wreckers. We had the delights of having claire foy who played little dorit or more recently upstairs and downstairs and benedict cumberbatch who played sherlock, and who was in the film atonement. Anyway the locals all  got asked if they wanted to be extras or if you were very lucky you even got asked if you could lend you house to the film crew. Well my in laws had their house taken over by the film crew for a couple of days and even had their beloved cat mozart who sadly is not with us anymore as an extra in the film. The post office, one of our 3 pubs, the social centre, the priory all become used. At the moment we are still waiting for the filmed to be released but im really looking forward to it. If you wanted to get a preveiw of what the film is going to like then have a look here and click on wreckers.
Oh yes i now have to nominate 15 more blogs for this award so here it goes
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Anyway i guessed i have rambled on for a while now so i hope you have all enjoyed reading this post and please do go and look at the other blogs that i have nominated,  now iam going to catch up with some more blogging x x


  1. Thanks for nominating me!!!

    What do I have to do ;o)

    Keep up the good reading your blog!!!

    Diolch Cariad

    Natalie sss

  2. Well done on the award. I am so sorry your husband suffers depression. My mum has suffered for years with it and had to have electric shock treatment at her worst many years ago, The black dog is how she refers to it. And a couple of my friends do to, so i understand how this is for you and your family.

    Thank you for nominating me i have been given quite a few awards since last year and i have choosen not to receive them as i was going to keep my blog simple, but i feel that i should except this one from you, so thank you very much.

    Good luck with your other blog, Dee xx

  3. Oh thank you! This is my very first blog award and this means so much. I am glad you like my blog!!!!

    Sorry about your husband... depression effects the whole family. Dan is suffering at the moment... luckily it's not an on going thing with him.. he kind of peaks & troughs really. This is the main reason I try to record happiness with the blog and surround our home with bright cheerful things.

    Thanks again - this is really lovely!

    Lou x

  4. Congratulations on your award, and thank you for passing it on to me. I enjoy reading the facts which go with these awards, it helps you to get to know the blogger a little better. Sorry to hear about your husband suffering from depression, it must be extra hard for him at the moment with the way things are, I hope his leg is healing well.

  5. Thank you for my award, it was fun to do xx

    Much love to you and your family x

  6. Congratulations to you for your award, and thankyou for nominating me- so lovely. Will have to think of something interesting to say about myself!

    I do feel as though i know you better already from your facts xx

  7. Lovely to hear more about you and great to hear depression talked of openly. It's something so many people suffer from yet it still seems to be a taboo subject x

  8. Hiya, oooh I am blushing here, such sweet words about me, thanks so much. xxx Great to have another blog for you and Mr Bearfootprints to blog about coping with depression, it may even help slightly to release your thoughts into the ethernet. It must be horrid to go into that dark place and so hard for you to watch too. Fab facts :-) Am off to look at the trailer now, I have a feeling the film has been released but I am not sure how to find it.

  9. Thanks for the award! It's nice to find out a bit more about you. I'm sorry that you're husband suffers from depression, but that's a great idea to create a blog to speak about how it affects you.
    The film sounds quite exciting, will have to look out for it! Have a good week! :) x

  10. A very well deserved award! Thanks for sharing about your husbands depression, youre very honest - it affects so many but we all tend to shy away from it, I think blooging away the blues is a great idea!
    p.s. Britney - what a great name!

  11. I loved reading through your seven things....I love camping too, would love to know if you know of any really good camp sites. I hope your husband gets better, I am told depression is a hard thing to understand unless you have been through it but I realise it affects the whole family, thank you for sharing this with us and congratulations on your award !!