Tuesday, 11 January 2011

one of my new years to do list

today i had a morning to do whatever i wanted which was very nice, as bear was having a morning with nain ( like the number nine), and i can hear you all say nain, well nain is the welsh for nana as hubbys parents are both welsh so its nice to keep abit of family tradition in there. Bear was going out with nain to the local village coffee morning where all the lovely ladies down there all fuss about him and feed him lots of biscuits and juice, so not spoilt at all!
Well my morning was completely different to bears, i decided to do one of my keepsakes for the new year, which one was to sort out my veg plots at the end of the garden. To be honest for the last 4 months it hasnt really been touched shameful i know, but at least today i have made a start. The 3 main plots are all cleared apart from the carrots and parsnips i have left, but the parsnips are the size of sugarbeet oops. We were planning to have them as lovely little sweet parsnips but with everything happening here im afraid they have been forgotten about.
As my hubby has just reminded me  the veg plot is ours, but as i have mentioned to him this year as he isnt able to get down there the veg plot is mine, all mine he he.
Any suggestions what  i should plant this year!!   Potatoes are a must, spring onions and radishes as these are just sooo easy to grow. carrots i always do as likewise they are easy to grow and very nice to munch on they help you see in the dark you know!
Last year i tryed sweetcorn but they took ages to shoot and the cobs were not very well established so they were not edible to us but the chickens enjoyed them.
I was thinking about sprouts too but that never happened.
In the greenhouse iam going to hopefully grow cucumbers again the drawf ones were lovely last year, oh and peppers i would love to try again .
One little plot which i have yet to clear is going to be saved for the strawberries that i have planted near the house. Last year i had no idea  they would spread as much as what they have, so they need a bit more space to grow and this year i must remember netting as the naughty little blackbirds kept picking them and not leaving any for us!

Oh another job that needs to be done that i wasnt expecting to do and that is to refelt part of our shed roof as the wind has taken some away to oz.
You know i really enjoyed being outside today turning the soil on our beds, hearing the birds singing  was just a joy, but you know tommorrow i know that iam going to be feeling it as my lower back is already letting me know that i have done something different today.


  1. I love my little veg plot! Potatoes and carrots are a must for me too, whenever I try sweetcorn it doesn't work, but I'm still going to try again this year! My outdoor cucumbers did really well last year, they were delicious! I really recommend them! :) x

  2. Da Iawn ti!!!!!

    You have been a very busy girl today and you'll be rewarded for it when all your fruit and vegetables are here later in the year....BTW...I am not a fluent Welsh speaker, although all three children are!!!

    You may have just shamed me in to tidying up my veg patches etc as I have a 2 year old lab who is slowly wrecking my garden(contemplating a dog run for when i am in work!!! only 4hrs)

    Nos Da/good night

    Natalie xx

  3. I'd definitely try sweetcorn again, it's so delicious when it's homegrown and taken straight from the plant into boiling water and on to the plate in a matter of minutes, there's no taste quite like it. Hope your back isn't too bad today.

  4. The first time we grew sweetcorn it was fab, but the last two years it's been awful :(
    I won't bother with it this year and shall stick to carrots, pot's, courgettes, parsnips, onions, salad and runner beans. My tomatoes always fail.

  5. wow you are good i must start thinking about getting Dylans plot ready. at the end of last year my mum cleared a spot for him in my garden ready for him to have his own veg plot this year. He joined gardening club in school last year and loved it. we have always grown tomotoes and beans although last year the tomotoes stayed green so i made them into yummy chutney. Enjoy thinking about what you could grow theres such a huge choice. have a lovely week, Dee x