Friday, 31 December 2010


Oh my its nearly here. 2011 is only 2hrs away, where has 2010 gone.
You know i keep thinking what things am i going to do different in 2011. Well i suppose one is for hubby not to go anywhere near fences again he he!
No for me its is the simple things
1. Learn how to sew with my NEW SEWING MACHINE that i got from santa.
2. To be more crafty to make more things rather than buy them.
3. To take back control of our garden as since hubby decided to erm break his leg it has gone abit to pot. It needs so much work...
4. Also to regain my veggie patch as like above it has gone to pot.
5. Buy and support local shops.
6. De clutter the house of all the things that really dont belong, all things in a home should be loved.
7. Continue to recycle waste and reduce the waste that cant be recycled.
8. Finish all those unfinished jobs that still need to be done.
9. I would love to learn a craft, glass blowing, pottery, crochet, knitting etc.
10. To find out who iam and what my  likes and dislikes are, i dont know about you guys but we as mums tend to do so much that we forget who we are as people, everyone knows us as someones mum etc i need to take time out abit more and find what  i really like . 

It makes you think, we are so busy running around cooking dinners, dealing with the children, hubby's, animals, work, food shopping you know the routine i need say no more that we forget who we really are, there is no time normally to think as im programmed to just get on with things.
In a way having started this blog in september has made me think of the things i would like to acheive or just try.  There are so many of you out there in blogland that make, draw, or do such wonderful things that you have all been a true inspiration to me, so THANKYOU.
So i hope you all have a truly wonderful 2011. x x x x x


  1. How exciting to have a new sewing machine to play with. Don't forget to show us what you make. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year :0)

    Sounds like a very good list x

  3. Bearfootprints, you have written my blog lol! I am getting my Mums sewing machine down from the loft when we put our trees up and getting her to teach me how to use it again :-) Also crochet, I am asking a work mate to teach me so I will teach you if I learn how to do it :-) De-clutter - yes deffo on my plan, and buy local oh yes that too. So strange how great minds think alike :-) Take care and get creative for you to be you again. x

  4. Happy New Year Helen!

    I hope you have a wonderful 2011 and I'll be watching your sewing machine creations with interest as that's one of my 'to do's' for this year too. Let's see who makes something fist (probably you I suspect) xx

  5. hi i came across your blog from scented sweetpeas, and just wanted to say hello.
    i think i could use a couple of your aims for the new year, can't wait to see what you create with your new machine!!!

  6. Yep, pretty much all those hopes! Except the new craft one. I don't think I can fit in another one, oh wait. Maybe a bit more textiles learning. OK. All the above list! Happy New Year! Jacs x Totally with you on the making space for us.