Tuesday, 4 January 2011

bear, bear, bear.

Bear oh he has made me laugh these last few days.
He has this thing at the moment where he has gone round different people trying to sniff at them, sounds strange i know but the look on his face is just so funny, he had me and his dad in stitches his brother his sister his grandpa, and i swear the more we laugh the more he does it. Then he decided that he would then do the licking thing where he would go up to everyone and try and lick them oh and then the bitting thing im sure that he thinks that he is a dinosaur. He is just so funny none of it is nasty, just pure fun.
Kids they are just so fun to be around and they definatley brightned up my day.
Tell me something that has brightened up your day this week x
And ps do have some fun too!!

oh i nearly forgot i just come across this blog and i said i would mention her ist giveaway
so here it is......

so why not pop over and take a look x


  1. Awww kids are a joy and a blessing. I can't think i any one thing this week that has made me smile, but one thing that comes into my head. Is the christmas card i recieved from my disabled friend who is deaf and has cerebral palsy, He struggles to hold a pen but he signed his name beautifully that made me smile and feel very special. Have a lovely week and happy new year to you. Dee x

  2. What a lovely photo. Kids can be so funny at times. My own kids make me smile all the time, I sometimes just look at them in wonder.

  3. lol there must be something in the air, little sweetpea is in a licking phase at the moment :-)