Thursday, 30 December 2010

gone in a flash

Well didnt that all go by in a flash. Christmas has passed and the new year is coming, i have to admit though i cant wait for the new year to start as these last couple of months have been enough to last all year and i know i still have a long way to go before things are back to normal but at least things keep improving. Anyway with all the xmas stuff thats been happening i havent showed you guys what cast my hubby now has......

Yes RED we thought it would be very festive and that it would match his toe cosy!!
i will have to apologise if you are abit sqirmish about his leg. i keep calling him my own little Frankenstien minus the bolts.
Bear has had a great time, you should have seen his dear little face when he realised that santa had been and that he had eaten the mince pie that we had left out, and you know i have never seen anyone so eager to open their presents before either. The other two were abit more calmer but then they are about 8 years older.

As you can imagine you couldnt see the floor afterwards, but al least fun was had. The rest of the day was filled with playing, entertaining family, eating, drinking and just enjoying the day.
So i hope you all had a fab xmas and lets all just look forward to what 2011 can bring!!


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas- your hubby's cast is very festive and cool! Thankyou for all yor lovely comments on my blog recently, it's lovely to have 'met' you. Happy new year xx

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment about the boys. I fear I might have spoken too soon! Not so harmonious today. Oh well, was great whilst it lasted. x

  3. I am slightly disappointed it isn't a rainbow cast but the red does suit him :-) Hope you are coping OK. All our love the Leesons. xxx

  4. Red's his colour for sure! Glad you all had a lovely Christmas, when does hub's cast come off?

  5. Oh, your poor hubby, look at that leg. I hope it's healing well and that he's out of the cast soon. It sounds like a good Christmas was had at your house, especially by Bear. Happy New Year. Hope 2011 brings health, peace and happiness.