Sunday, 10 October 2010


Finally i would like to introduce my chooks

                                                                 please meet.......................



Gertie and Bluebell are my two girls that have been the subject of being pecked, no matter what i seem to do nothing seems to work as of yet. I have tried lots of things from hanging disc's and veg, to putting in extra vitamins in their water and covering them in stockholm tar.|Iam not going to be beaten!  Bluebell looks like her feathers are trying to grow back and Gertie has her back feathers again, but she is still rather bold on her sides. Which you cannot see as she was abit camera shy and she kept going back into the coop.


Mable, well i think in the running she comes second from the top spot, as she has had very little pecking.


As you might of already of guessed Penelope  is the top chook. I should'nt really be that surprised, Penelope was the first really with everything. The first to come out of the coop when we brought them home, to eat out of my hand and to go back in the coop again on the night time.
Now though i have split them up, Penelope and Gertie are in one pen and Bluebell and Mable are in another. So far both pairs seem to be getting on ok, feathers seem to be slowly very slowly growing back.

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