Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My Chickens

My chickens, i have four lovely chickens named Penelope, Gertie, Bluebell and mable. I have only had them since April but already i have had my ups and downs. Firstly the coop which we brought, we decided prehaps it was abit small for them to roam around in so my husband and me decided o making a extra run. Everything looked great but then i noticed that two of my girls ( Bulebell and Gertie) looked like they were being pecked at by one of the others ( Penelope). I put it down to prehaps stress while we were making the extension for them so hopefully they will sort themselves out.
  Well it is now October and they still have pecked patches. I've tried hanging discs, veg, adding vitamins in with the water and also tar. but no luck yet.
 Now i have decided that iam going to have to separate them so now i have put one dominate hen in each pen with one of the pecked hens, So now we have Penelope and Gertie in one and Bluebell and Mable in another as well as continuing to put lots of stockholm tar on them, lets keep our fingers crossed.

When i get a chance i will post some pictures of my girls on here.

Anyway apart this slight problem they are laying really well 4 eggs a day since they have started to lay, apart from the odd day when i have had 3. Some days i have too many eggs that i dont know what to do with them as you can only eat some many eggs. So i decided to give some away to friends and neighbours, which i do because its nice to do things without any course apart from being nice. And in my return one of my generous neighbours gave me a box of chocolates, and i just thought what a lovely thing to do , i dont expect anything for them. But you know if you are nice to people, people normally are nice back.

Thanks to my generous neighbour!!

All my eggs that i get i store in my late grandma's old chicken. I always remember this sitting in her kitchen when i was little, so when she passed away 8 years ago and my dad brought back a suitcase of items i just had to have it. I couldnt see it go to the tip, so now its lives on in my household.

I have never seen a chicken like this one so like i said this is very special.

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  1. ooh I loved this blog post, isn't this village lovely to live in when you can share things around and get a lovely surprise gift in return.

    Have Cameron and Bethany thought of setting up a little stall of eggs, we do that and the kids love it and it teaches them maths etc.