Sunday, 27 February 2011

back to school

Well tommorrow its back to school, and the house can return back to some normality. Everything will be tuned down a bit, if you know what i mean.

I do love it when they are home for the hols, you get to spend time out as a family, lay ins, which are just fab even if i do still get up at 7.30am. Bear has really enjoyed having the older two at home, i guess its someone else to play with apart from just mum.

Begining of the week though was taken up with appointments with dr's and physio etc, wednesday though was a good day as hubby's brother and family were back from Holland. We havent seen him for a while and it was lovely to see how much his kids Robin and Anna have grown. Such lovely children, so sweet to see them both playing with my tribe.

cameron, anna, robin, bethany and bear...

dave and ester and again bear, he's everywhere..

They were all only back til friday, short but such a lovely visit.

All week i have promised the kids that i would take them to the cinema, so come friday that is what we done, now this is not my type of film but the kids wanted to go and watch it, it being Yogi Bear. It was the first time that bear had been and i must admit he watched the film so peacefully. I wasnt sure if he would cry or just make alot of noise but he didnt he sat there so nicely, eating his popcorn in one hand and drinking with the other. I really enjoyed being out with the kids today, gets us all away from the stress that we all have to deal with at home.

Anyway hasnt it been a mixture of weather conditions this week sunshine then rain, just typical of british weather. I cant wait for the colours to come out in the garden.
When i was working today i saw these fabulous things..

i just couldnt resist them, i do so love tulips i cant wait for them to come out in the garden. at the moment the are only a few inches out of the ground but be patient they will show when they are ready.

Also this past couple of weeks i have been working on a little something, which i shall show you very soon, but for now i had better go.
I hope you have all had a good week, see you all next time x x


  1. You look like you had a lovely week with the children and family!! And you have me wondering about what you have been working on....:o)) Can't wait!!!

    Have a great weekend xxx

  2. Awwww sounds like you have had a wonderful week, Half term is great for the fact theres no rushing about and lazy days ;-) My tulips are starting to poke through as well now, my dafs are in flower and my cow slips to which is so nice to open the curtains and see, Have a lovely week, can't wait to see what you have been working on, dee x

  3. I hate the end of holidays when they have to go back to school, it's very quiet here today. Looks like you had lots of holiday fun, and so nice to see family too.

  4. oohh fab teaser there at the end there :-) Have you covered Andrew in Crochet yet lol. Lovely to see you the other day :-)

  5. Glad you had a nice half term and had some lovely visitors. Hope your hubbys physio is going well :) xx