Friday, 4 March 2011

its the weekend...

Hi everyone, hope you all have had a good week. I cant believe that the weekend is here again already, where does the time go.
I must say thankyou for all your sweet comments about my crochet cushion, im glad you all like it.

I suppose i have'nt done too much this week, which is ok i guess as we all need to slow down from time to time.
Thursday hubby had phsyio, which to be honest really didnt seem to be worth the pain and the car journey, but enough said about that.
Wednesday was good as i had abit of a sort out, i went through the whole of my wardrobe and got rid of all the clothes that i no longer wear, and boy i felt so much better after that. I had been putting off this job for ages.
I know there are so many more jobs that need to be done its a shame i dont have octopuss arms.

Bear has had fun as you can see. He found it really queit funny posing for the camera with his tops around his head, as if it was a hat....

Bear and Cameron also had fun by trying to hide from me, but i think they were forgetting something dont you?

and they also failed to see me coming....

This afternoon they have been making dens, i dread to think what mess the play room is in.. 
My kids are not the only ones that have been getting into hidden places, Chester has been too. I have decided that iam going to recycle my own newspaper now by shredding it and giving it to my chickens instead of using too much straw. They seem to love having shredded newspaper in there and it keeps them just as warm as the straw so everyone is a winner.
I store the shredded paper in a brown recycling bag that we put all our green waste in, and one day i saw this...

Chester had found his new snug, all cosied up at the bottom of the bag.
Cats do like to hide away in funny places, dont they.
Just one thing before i go, why not pop over and see suz at  suz place she makes some lovely things from crochet and i know she would love to see you.
This is to sweetpea, suz is the lovely lady who helped me make the lovely flower i showed you..
Anyway have a good weekend everyone and i will catch up with you all soon..


  1. Such chirpy pics! I could do with octo-arms too x

  2. Awww, Chester has found somewhere warm and comfy to bed down, bless. Looks like it's been fun in your house, I used to love to make dens when I was a kid. My wardrobe needs a good sort out, I must get round to it soon.

  3. Chester looks all cwched up and warm in that bag!!!! ANd the photos of the children are gorgeous!!!! I hope you have great weekend!!!


  4. ahhhh Chester bless him ;-)) That made me smile. Soory your hubby's physio did't go well. Isnt it just great when kids play and use their imagination ;-)) I have to say i love your new photo's heading your blog they look lovely, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  5. I no longer have little people to rush around after (just teenagers) but I would really like a pair of those Octopuss arms!
    My cats are always finding the strangest of places to snuggle themselves down into. Hope the weekend has been a good one xx

  6. I could do with some octopus arms too......Bear is soooooo cute as is his brother and I love that when they hide and forget parts of their bodies, lol Nic ♥