Friday, 11 March 2011

busy busy busy

well again its been a busy week.
Went back to the hospital on Wednesday, part good news and part bad news, the good news is that hubbys leg is trying to mend now even though it does have abit of a bow to it, but the bad news is that he has got Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, ouch. The consultant said that it is the worst that he has ever seen, so thats good news then NOT.. poor hubby is in so much pain he now has to take his painrelief  back to where he started when he came out of the hospital, he really did want to come off them and he was so close to doing that it feels like we are just going round in circles. The thing with the pain relief tablets is that they are opiate ( not sure if i have spelt that right, so so if i havent) based so are very addictive. Cant win can we. So now we just have to be patient, i have to keep touching his leg and his foot to try and get his sensors in his brain to tell him that his leg shouldnt be hurting, all very confusing i know.
Anyway we now have to wait another 6 weeks before we see the consultant again, before we know it summers going to be here..
On a good note though he did manage to sit outside for half an hour today in the sun before having to go back indoors to put his leg back up.
While bear was sleeping and hubby was sitting in his chair, i got on with pruning my rosemary bush which at first glance look dead, but on second inspection i think it just needed a good cut back as in the middle there was still some life. One of our other plants also need a trim and re connecting to its trelis. Then it was the task, which i must say i have been meaning to do for a while now was to clean out my green house ready for the sowing season. I emptied all the pots brushed everything down, then washed all the glass with soapy water then gave it all a rinse with clean water. Great i was so pleased that i had finally done it. Yesterday i cut the lawn, but i have to admit i was knackered, our lawn has a few bumps and moss so this adds to it all. One thing i must say is that we now have new neighbours..

please may i introduce piggy, all together there are 4 piggys that have moved in, i think its fab and bear seems to enjoy their company every morning when he wakes up he has to look out the window to see them...

While im on here i have to say a big thankyou to two lovely ladies, as this past week i have won two giveaways.
One was fron the lovely dee at retro delights...

she used some lovely paper..

They are just so lovely, 2 little light pulls and i know just where they are going to go, one in the bathroom and one in my bedroom.

The second one was these from lisannee...

these are some fab quaters, now what do you all think i should make with these.......
i still cant queit believe that i have won these as i never win anything so im going to enjoy using these.
Also i found this this week it was a duvet cover if you like it let me know.

 maybe a giveaway item in the future who knows... let me know what you would do with it....

Anyway time has flown again so im going to leave you all, enjoy your weekend and i will be back soon x x


  1. Hi, I am sorry to hear your news about hubbies leg it really is a waiting game which is the worst kind. Lovely pigs bless i would love to wake up to those ;-)) Im glad you liked the light pulls thank you for the mention. Iovely sheet knowing me i would make a skirt or a summer dress but im sure you could use it for patchwork or cushions to. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  2. Don't forget to put the lottery on, it sounds like your luck is in. Sorry to hear about your hubby, I can't quite believe how long this is all taking, you must be out of your mind with worry but I'm sure it will all come right in the end.

  3. Sorry to hear about your OH's leg, hoping things get better for him soon. The fabrics are gorgeous, looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with them. :) x

  4. I am really glad you won those lovely give aways. You really deserve it xx

  5. Sorry to hear about your Hubbys pain. Here's hoping life starts to get back to normal for you all very soon. I love the new neighbours! x

  6. Glad to hear Hubbas leg is in fact mending and doesn't need amputating. Bummer about the pain. Gutted for you all.
    Congrats on 2 wins & getting out into the garden with all your busy busy workload.
    love Jacs x

  7. sorry to hear about your husband's pain syndrome. In the area I work in (social care/independent living) we see people with this condition quite a lot and I can't imagine how painful it is. Good news to hear that his leg is finally mending though. As for your new neighbour, the piggy's lovely x