Wednesday, 1 December 2010

mummies little helper

Today Bear helped me in the kitchen. I have  delayed  doing this for a while, just with everything that has been going on in my life at the moment i just havent had the time, but today is the day that me and Bear made some MARMALADE!!!
You have just got to have marmalade on toast for breakfast no other jam will do for me.
I have been saving all sorts of jars just for this day, only thing is im not too sure how many jars i need.
I have to be a little bit honest before i start  iam not making marmalade from scratch i have a little assistance from a tin of ma made. For those who are un sure of what this is, then i shall let you know. Ma made is a tin of  pre made marmalade so it saves on all the fiddly bits of peeling etc all i have to do is follow the instructions on the tin and add water and sugar, so i have to admit it is so much easier.

Here is the pot with the ma made, sugar and water.

Once the ma made, sugar and water are all in the pot we had to stir continously till it started to boil.
Bear was very good and ever so helpful. He was actually getting quiet excited by it all.
So there he perched on the top of the cooker, yes i know health and safety doesnt look good but i was with him all the time and believe me when i say he sat there as good as gold.

As you see from the photo Bear was ever so good and he stired it so nicely, so we took it in turns, till we reached the next stage.

Once it got to boiling point we had to  turn the heat down a little but still keeping it on the boil, we had to do this for a further 15 mins. When the 15 mins had past we then had to test it, im sure alot of you already know this but you have to put abit onto a saucer and leave for 2 mins and if when you put your finger through it and it ripples then you know your marmalade has set. Ta ta!!!
Next me and Bear  let it cool for a few mins then we could pour it into the steralised jars that we did earlier.

And as you can see i made a few jars out of this 1 can of ma made. All i have to do now is to put some covers on the lids. 2 of the jars are going towards hampers that im making up for xmas presents, along with the marmalade i will be putting in some more homemade items like homemade lemon curd and xmas cakes. Yum Yum.
You know you get so much pleasure in making you own stuff whether it is edible or not, but to know that other people enjoy your homemade delights is the icing on the cake.. 


  1. I love marmalade :0) Just been reading back in your blog to catch up, I did not know you had one - it was not showing before. Your poor hubby, poor you too as you will end up feeling it the most. Good wishes to all the Bears x

  2. I'm sure it will be delicious. Home made is usually much nicer than store bought.

  3. oohh fab makes and little bear looks so cute! Great idea for hampers, we are making vanilla sugar for my Nan as she loves to bake (a jar of caster sugar with vanilla pods in it) and also chocolate covered ginger for my other Nan - oohh how i love making things. x

  4. lovely idea. I have never got round to making marmalade. Hope it is delish! Glad you had a nice time together. Jacs x

  5. I've never made marmalade, but don't think you can beat home made marmalade, it always taste so much nicer.