Sunday, 28 November 2010

The great escape

While sitting in one room today watching abit of Sunday tv, me and the family heard our little whirlwind Chewy the cat. Chewy has this habit like all cats i suppose if of being fascinated by our pet gerbils Fred and Ginger. He often sits on the top of their cage looking down on them, and wondering why he cant get  to them, when all of a sudden we heard this comotion in the next room. What on earth is going on i thought so i said to Cameron just go and check on what Chewy is doing. All of a sudden Cameron comes back into room saying ' the gerbils have got out the gerbils got out' oh god i thought this has happened once before and it didnt end so good as my eldest two found out the hard way.
First thing was to make sure that Chewy very quicky gets removed from the room. Thankfully we got to him before he got to the poor litle gerbil! So out he went, and the next thing was to find this poor frightened little gerbil. Out he popped so i picked him up and gave him a quick check over before putting  him back. He was so lucky.
I dont know how Chewy managed to undo the top of their cage but for now they are both back safe and sound.

Ginger after his Great Escape!!


  1. ahhhh bless what a scary moment. Glad to hear it was a happy ending. have a lovely week. Dee x

  2. Look on the bright side, a couple of weeks ago it would have ended up in tears. Things must at last be on the up!!

  3. What a lucky escape. We used to have a hamster which could open his own cage. We had to place a tin on top of the opening so he couldn't get out.