Sunday, 26 September 2010

A day at our local nature reserve

Yesterday we all decided to go down for a walk at our local nature reserve. Oh the wonders that you find!! 
Bear was such a good boy he had to be so quiet as we were trying to find Lizards and Snakes. Beth and Cameron my other two children lead the way with my husband Andrew. Andrew is the Warden at the reserve so he knew exactly where to find them all, if we were quiet enough. But as anyone with small children will know this isnt always that easy.
But to my surprise there they were, we had found some grass snakes enjoying the lovely sunshine. Just as i was about to take a picture they all got spooked and the slithered away.
So off we go again in the search for some Lizards.

And great i managed to take a picture.

I also had an unexpected surprise,
 while we noticed this lizard a friendly little frog/small toad came to say hello!

It's so wonderful seeing these on your own doorstep!!

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  1. wwaahoo you are in blog land, hope you enjoy it here :-) Love this post, great photos.