Thursday, 30 September 2010

cup cakes

Today i thought would be a good day to make some cup cakes no work, a day of relaxation!!

The other night i noticed this blog site called The Pink Whisk, and as you might have already of guessed its all about cakes. Well there was this item on there about how to decorate your cupcakes using a piping bag and butter cream, and even how to fill your bag without getting butter cream everywhere. Seems pretty straight forward now that i have seen it but i still think i could improve on the decorating side.

What do you think?
I think that  the butter cream could be a little more thicker, or prehaps a different end to my piping bag.
Anyway i had lots of fun doing them and the kids really seem to like them too!

' Bear thinks they are finger licking good'
This afternoon while my daughter had her guitar lesson i decided that i would go and collect some cooking apples to make a lovely apple crumble for later in the week.
The place where my daughter has her lessons has a old orchard. The orchard used to be situated in the grounds of a vicarage, but now the vicarage has been sold and the orchard now belongs to the community. It has cooking apples, eating apples, pears and plum trees so as you may see, to the right people you could have a brillant time collecting free fruits.

Only trouble is now, is that most of the easy picking apples are gone so it is only the apples that are left at the tops of the trees that are left. So i had to think of another tactic , my son Cameron is always larking around on the trees so he managed to climb up and help me pick some.


' Boys being boys he was happy to oblige '

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  1. oohh those are lovely cakes, you can test them out on my any day :-) I made apple crumble yesterday too, great minds think alike :-) Can I have a link to the pink whisk - you can link words on the site by highlighting them and then clicking on the link icon and add the web-site. x