Tuesday, 7 June 2011

country walks

What a wonderful time i had tonight, its not as if i had done much but take a lovely long walk down the nature reserve with my 2 oldest children. Bear was already in bed and it has been such a lovely day with all the sunshine that i thought why should it stop.
You know some days im just so speechless about how stunningly beautiful this world can be.

 Let me show you

Fantastic if i do say so myself.
But you know the one thing that im really pleased about, is seeing this.....

Do you know what it is, i must admit i have heard of them but until now i have never seen one, so off i went to the butterfly conservation web site and put up my sighting on their map.

For all of you who dont know what it is, it is a


Have any of you seen anything interesting lately?
Anyway i hope you have enjoyed looking at my nature post tonight and i hope i have inspired you all to go on a litle nature trail of your own x x


  1. Wow that's amazing! Your photos are really good, I keep trying to photo butterflies but I can't seem to catch them in time before the shoot off. What's you secret?

  2. Beautiful photos, we love evening walks too.