Saturday, 13 November 2010


Me and my hubby would just like to say a huge thankyou to you lovely bloggers for your very kind messages that you have left.
Please can anyone else let me know if they have had any problems posting comments on their blog or other peoples blogs, as i tried to leave a comment on mine but it just came up with there is an error. Its so frustrating after writing something then it doesnt get posted, then you forget what you wrote, so you have to start all over again.....


  1. I tend to copy mine if I have written a long one as it often will do that. I alwasy used to think it is me.

    Hope the leg is OK.

    Colette x

  2. I do the same as Poppy Cottage. I copy it in case it doesn't post as it does sometimes happen.

  3. i will give that a try, thanks guys x

  4. you're welcome! Hope all healing well. I have had the same problem with blogger occasionally & have lost several posts. I try to remember to copy it esp if its a longish one. Jacs x