Saturday, 26 March 2011

the sun has got his hat on!

Well what can i say, what a week of such wonderful weather. How could we all just sit inside and ignore it, i certainly didnt.
The weeds got pulled,

 the plots have nearly all been dug over, and planting has been started.

here i have sowed my peppers, tomatoes (money maker), and some miniature cucumbers.
Apparently these cucumbers and have about 20 mini friuts a week. I had better get ready for that then, i think more salads will be on the menu.

I have 2 of these tubs, and these are what im going to put the cucumbers in. 2 to a pot. Last year i put them in some grow bags but to be honest when watering the water just seem to run off so hence the tubs. Last year the tubs were used for the tomatoes  and that went ok, so we will see how the cues go.

The next task is to move all my strawberry plants to to small raised bed which i have now finally dug over.
I cant quite believe how quick the runners spread.

We have been having lots of these popping up in the lawn too.

While being out this week its been great to see the blue sky and candy floss trees all in blossom. Hares, pheasants, pigs, kestrals, deers have all been seen. The birds are all singing loudly, its just a great time of year, just so sweet.

ohh a first for me and hubby is that we had our first skype call/video.
Since hubbys auntie and uncle returned back to america we have stayed in better touch, and video calls are just great but so weird if you know what i mean.
Also this weekend i have the sunday off work, thankyou i said as dont forget the clocks go forward a hour, so for me i dont have to get up at  6am which if you are still in old time 5am Arghh no not by choice, so i had just a few hours left of my holiday intitlement so i think they have gone to a good cause. Lay in here i come, and i might even go to a carboot tommorrow too..
Anyway no matter what all you are getting up to this weekend have fun and enjoy...

Oh nearly forgot, as some of are maybe aware i have put a video bar on the side. I thought it may be fun if i swap it every other week and have a different piece of music on it, but to have suggestions  from ALL OF YOU. what would you like to see on there. Let me know and i will try and put it on. Prehaps its a local band, whatever you like tell me x x x
I look forward in seeing what you come up with x x

Take care everyone x x


  1. Oooh you've been busy! I look forward to see your progress with cucumbers- I'm not bothering this year as I only got one decent one last year! x

  2. i agree last year the big cucumbers didnt do anything but the little ones were great, so fingers crossed hey x

  3. It's been such a lovely week hasn't it! Shame today wasn't so nice though, hoping to get out in the garden again tomorrow though. My baby cukes did so well last year, they were outdoor ones, I'm sure yours will be great! Jealous of your greenhouse though, wish I had one! :) x

  4. Your garden is looking very neat and tidy. Yesterday I pulled down my chicken house as it's been rotting away.

    I'll be watching your garden progress with interest...I bet you get more done than me!

    I hope all's well at the moment for you all x

  5. Just a quick comment to say I've given you a blog award, have a look at my blog to pick it up! :) x

  6. Lay in, my goodness you were up early for a lay in :-) Fab to potter about the car boot this morning though wasn't it.

    oohh can't wait to see your veg grow, I bet it will all do well.

  7. Thanks for becoming a follower! I see from your blog you live in Isleham. I lived there in Station Road from when I was born till about 2 yrs old. I've been a couple of times since and seems a lovely little village. Sounds like you've been busy in garden, lets hope weather is good again this weekend!