Tuesday, 15 February 2011

sunny days

I feel like that i had a really productive day yesterday. It was a glorious day,  the sun was out and shining brightly. I took myself and Bear down to the nature reserve just to make sure everything is ok while my hubby is out of action. Apart from the dog bin ( that needs empting) everything was looking great.

how can the coucil let it go like this i dont know..

I also managed to get into  the garden. It felt so nice to be outside without freezing everything off.
I had to go in our shed to fix a couple of the plastic windows as the wind had blown them in a little the other windy day. Normally this would be hubbys job,but since that day i have had to be more of a handy person, not a bad thing as hopefully i will learn new things.
Bear helped me dig up some carrots and parsnips,

this only happened  though after he finished running around the beds..he found this very amusing...
Bear also helped my feed the chickens...

When we got back inside the there was one more job that i wanted to do especially now i have found the screwdriver, and that was to put up a rail for the curtain by the door, you know to stop the drafts etc i had a temporary clinch by hubby was there for the advice that i needed.
Also one thing that i came across, which a friend had suggessed and that is picnik. So i had a little fun on this too. What a great way to edit your photos, this will definatley be used again...

Anyway i must go, so enjoy your evening and good night............


  1. Eew, I can almost smell that dog poo bin!!!

    Am very impressed with your veg, especially the parsnips! As for your helper, what a sweetie pie!


  2. awwww bless him so cute he had great fun ;-)) Your veg looks great and those parsnips are huge ;-)) well done you. Have a lovely week, dee x

  3. Wow what lovley fat parsnips! I love picnik- so handy! x

  4. What a little cutie Bear is. Your parsnips and carrots look very tasty, they're so much nicer when they're home grown.

  5. Those veggies look gorgeous...and bear seemed to have a great time...nice that you can get outdoors...blows the cobwebs away which is always good!! Today is the first day here in South Wales that is hasn't been hammering down most of the day!!!

  6. Aww, Bear looks sweet running around the beds, my niece does that at my parents too, giggling as she runs around them! The parsnips and carrots look great, I've just been checking on my garlic I planted last November, was wondering if they were ok, but they are growing fine, just not showing yet! :) x

  7. Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I love having new people pop by.

    Been for a mooch around yours and couldn't help but feel for your hubby, hope is all mended soon. Looks like you lively in a lovely part of Cambs too. lolo xx

  8. yuk poo bin ! rest of photos gorgeous, oh happy bear xx
    vegs yum yum and lovely chickens

  9. well done you getting the windows fixed! lovely photos. Picnic is rather great isn't it. I rather like the loading pacifying words, warm breeze, daisies etc to keep you calm whilst its loading. genius!